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*Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental customers agree to all terms and conditions when renting any game from The Meeple's Café library. Any game returned late will be charged extra based on game size: $2/day - small games or expansions, $3/day - standard size games and expansions, $4/day large size games. A game is deemed late if it is returned one business day past its due date. The due date is set based on game size and if the customer holds a membership. All membership rentals are for 10 days after the rental time. For non-memberships, large games can be rented for 3 days, with the remainder of the games available for 2 days. After returned, all games are checked for missing or damaged components. The rental customer takes the responsibility to note any damaged or missing components before taking the game out of the library. For components easily replaced and in "unlimited supply" (as defined by the game's rules), no charge will be applied. For components easily replaced but with a limited supply, a $1 charge will be applied to the credit card on file. For unique components with a "unlimited supply", a $2 charge will be applied. For unique components with a limited supply, a card on file will be charged for a second rental due to how the Meeple's Café must open a new copy of that game to replace the component. For severe damage or major pieces missing (e.g., the board), a charge of the game's worth (based on age and use) will be applied to the customer's card. We apologize for the length and complexity of these terms, but they are in place to maintain the integrity of the games and provide quality components for other customers.

**Membership Discount Policy

The discount on retail items from memberships may not be combined with any other offer.  The discount does not carry over from month to month.  As such, the single use expires on the last day of the month, but renews when the membership is renewed. The discount only applies to a single retail item.