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Gilbert, AZ

Small Combo Choice

Choose a Style and Pick Your Base. Add toppings.
Add $2.99 for a small combo (side and a small drink)

Style Choice:Cincinnati Style +$1.99Seattle Style +$0.99Wisconsin Style +$1.99Hawaiian Style +$1.99Sonoran Style +$2.49Meeple Style +$2.49
Base Options (Select 1):Nathan's 1/4 All Beef Hot Dog +$4.49Grilled Chicken Sandwich +$4.49Nachos +$3.49Hand-Cut French Fries +$2.99
Toppings (Optional):Made from scratch Mac-n-Cheese +$1.99Bacon +$1.39Homemade Chili +$1.39Pineapple +$1.39Nacho Cheese +$1.39Fajita Veggies +$1.39Beans +$0.79Cream Cheese +$0.79Grated Cheese +$0.79Sour Cream +$0.79Jalapeno +$0.79Onions +$0.19BBQ Sauce +$0.19Teriyaki Mayo +$0.19Tomatoes +$0.19Lettuce +$0.19Mayo +$0.19Siracha +$0.19
Small Combo: 1 Side & Small Drink $2.99 (Optional):Fries +$2.99Chips +$2.99Banana +$2.99Popcorn +$2.99Pickle +$2.99Chili +$2.99Mac-n-Cheese +$2.99Black Beans +$2.99Pinto Beans +$2.99
Drink Choice:Pepsi Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Mt. Dew Lemonade Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea Dr. Pepper Mugged Roots Bert