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Gilbert, AZ

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Blake about 1 month ago


I was excited to be able to borrow this game to play at home. Staff is very friendly, flexible, and knowledgeable. This is a great way to try before you buy in a relaxed, no pressure scenario. Bonus, you can probably buy the game new from them if it's something you want for yourself! I'm looking forward to playing my next new game with The Meeple's Cafe.

Aamartin27 3 months ago


A very fun asymmetric co-operative game that sets up one person as a ghost and the others as psychics attempting solve their murder based on visions from the ghost. This game lies entirely in creative interpretation and is a great option for creative problem-solvers sick of rule-heavy games.

Iforsyth 5 months ago

Legendary Base Game

My wife and I had been wanting to play this game for a long time. The owner helped us set it all up and explained the rules and we were on our way. We love coming to Meeples to play their huge selection of games. We've been at least five times in the past few weeks and can't wait to go back to play more games. This place is amazing and the owners are so incredibly nice and helpful. The food is amazing as well!

Karynemills 6 months ago

8 Bit Box

I took two kids I volunteer with, both age 10. They loved all the game choices! We learned to play 8 Bit Box. We played the pac man part of the game. It was strategic and a great throwback to the arcade game. It was simple enough for kids, but fun for adults. I would recommend taking kids for a fun afternoon or evening. It's also a great way to try out games before you purchase them for home. The gentleman who was running the cafe was very patient and a great help!

Jksalata 6 months ago


My husband and I really enjoyed "Lanterns The Harvest Festival". It is a 2-4 player game where you are trying to accumulate the most honor by presenting lanterns at the Harvest Festival. The mechanics are pretty simple to pick up. You place tiles on the lake and matching tiles get you bonus lanterns, but you also get a tile based on your position relative to the tile and your opponents gets the same (i.e. everyone gets at least one lantern a turn). You are accumulating these and presenting 4 of a kind, 3 sets of 2, of 7 unique (out of 7) lanterns to get a score tile from a stack. Those stacks are set up in descening order of points, so the first to score one of those gets the most points. There are just a couple other mechanics that influence the game, but nothing complicated and it made for a fun new game to try.

Cgulde 8 months ago

Sonoran Style

Tried the Sonoran Style Dog a couple times now and it is my Go-To dog now! So filling and tasty. I cannot recall the games I tried but I can say that the customer service was top notch. Willing to teach any game we wanted or answer questions if we have any. Highly recommend this store.

Jksalata 8 months ago

Forbidden Sky

Forbidden Sky has the same high level play style as the other two Forbidden games we have played (Island, Desert) where you are racing against the clock to complete your tasks to be able to leave whatever you are leaving. I like all three, but I would rank them Desert, Island, and Sky. Although I have to say, Sky had the coolest ending since you have to complete a circuit to your rocket ship (connecting lightning rods, to capacitors, to the launch pad) and if you succeed, the rocket lights up and makes a sound (you connect all of those with magnetic pieces, make a loop that completes a circuit). So that was rewarding when we won tonight (although we did play at the novice level :) ).

Andrewhertig 8 months ago


The owner recommended Cacao based on our love of Carcassonne, and he couldn't have been more right! We rented it this afternoon, and have all ready played three games.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Boss Monster

This is all cards. The deck is stacked so it gets harder and harder as you go along. You need to be pretty creative with your dungeon and spells to knock out those heros who keep showing up.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago


This is a household favorite. It is an engine builder. You start off collecting gems which allow you to buy cards, the cards allow you to buy more cards and soon the gems are obsolete. Only some cards have victory points on them so timing is also important.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago


For those who love patterns this is a good game. It is a mix somewhere between dominoes and Azul. Everyone plays on the same "board" together so it can become rather competitive.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Pandemic Base Game

I'm not a big fan of collaborative games. I enjoy Plague, Inc. much more than Pandemic since you get to be the disease in that one trying to wipe out the humans.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Ticket to Ride Base game

A good game for all levels of players to play together. More experienced players can challenge themselves without making newer players feel like they aren't doing well.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Dominion Seaside

Personally I like the Seaside expansion because of the mats. When you are playing the victory cards in your hand can get in the way, but when you have an island you can put them on there for safe keeping! That and I love any of the decks that have cards that give curses (SeaHag)!

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Dessert Nachos

They sounded so different I had to try them and now I want to have them again! The warm chips with the different toppings on them were quite the nice sweet way to end our evening!

Jaymond 9 months ago

Wisconsin Style

Anything on the menu made Wisconsin style is easily my favorite. I usually do the chicken sandwich with it but the other items are great too. The homemade Mac-n-cheese that goes all over it is probably the best I've ever had. Absolutely love this place. We are regulars almost since they opened last year.

Ptolson2 9 months ago

Cincinnati Style

Love the Cincinnati Hot Dog! Great selection of games and menu items. It's a family staple in our house to visit Meeples Board Game Cafe

Hadley 9 months ago


great 2 player game!

Nhalexander 3 months ago

Hot Dog

Great food and great atmosphere .. Also, great place to go and relax when your AC is out for a couple of days. Thanks for the space to play games and relax with friends! Will be back soon

Shasta 4 months ago

Century Golem Edition

Came to play new games with my parents, having researched some games but otherwise having little insight about how to play. Darcy was fantastic by recommending several additional games within our skill level (and time constraint) - including Century which we weren't previously looking at. She also took the time to help us set up and explain how to play. We had a blast playing it but due to my fathers color blindness, it was somewhat challenging. When we came back several days later to play more games, we mentioned the color issue we had with Century last time. Darcy was very quick to recommend to us the Golem expansion that had different colored pieces that worked much better for us. We ended up buying Century Golem that day from Meeples Cafe (I love that they had games right there for purchase! Very competitive price to Amazon or other sellers AND you can support a local business!) We have been so impressed with the whole experience each and every time we go! This place is highly recommended!!

Greenbrianna64 5 months ago

Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

My friend and I come here and we had an absolute blast here! The owners are friendly and hospitable. We now have began coming on the weekly (sometimes more than once a week) basis and look forward to it as we shall continue doing! Excited to bring more of my friends in the future.

Jksalata 6 months ago

Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion was fun for my husband and I. We both liked the theme of mixing and drinking potions, and you get to play with marbles. Basically, you are grabbing ingredients (marbles) to make your potions. The "explosion" comes in when you take an inregient via your normal turn action, if it causes marbles of the same color to roll into each other then they explode and you get to take them too. *There may be a slight challenge in the game if you are colorblind. My husband could not differentiate the red from the black on the potion tiles due to his colorblindness. They didn't seem to have differentiating patterns to refer to either, which sometimes helps him with game component colors.

Ptolson2 7 months ago


We love Clank! Great deck builder and fun to explore. Can turn into a race game which adds great tension. Great for all ages, my 8 and 11 year old are avid players and look to get this to table as often as possible. Highly recommend

Jksalata 8 months ago

For Sale

I really liked For $ale. It was quick to learn and quick to play. You have a fixed number of rounds for bidding on houses with a limited amount of cash. The houses have values of 1-30. Then after all of the houses have been acquired you have a selling phase with dollar amounts of 0-15 (no 1's), with two copies of each and everyone plays a house each round with the highest house getting the top dollar of amounts played in that around (in other words... for a 5 player game there is 6 rounds of bidding for houses and 6 rounds of trying to sell them). We almost bought the game tonight.

Jksalata 8 months ago


This had a slight Tokaido like feel to it. While it took longer than the estimated 60 minutes to play, it was quite fun. You are basically going around trying to collect tokens and gear which help you pay the "cost" to visit parks which gets you most of your points. Everyone also has a secret goal. Although it helps if you read your entire goal as I easily made my goal of visiting parks with enough water symbols on them, but I didn't take any photos and thus didn't meet my goal.

Aamartin 8 months ago

Century Golem Edition

This is such a fast-paced fun game that is part strategy and part luck of the draw. I have played this game with various groups of people and it is always fun. The gems and artwork for this edition make it even better!

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Key Forge 2 Player Starter Set

It has a lot of similarities to Magic the Gathering, but it is much simpler to play and faster to learn.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago


This game is an exercise in patience and thinking many moves ahead. You won't be able to just throw down pieces on your turn and have things turn out well in the end.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Century Golem Edition

I can play this over and over. There are so many different ways to strategize. The crystals are pretty and so is the artwork on the cards. It is an engine building game. The better engine you build and more efficiently you use it, the better you will do.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Carcassonne Base Game

I love this game and seeing how the valley develops so differently every time. The scoring of the fields in particular can be a little tricky so its nice to have an experienced player help you learn how to do it.

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Dominion Mixed Box

These expansions are fun, but they are a little tougher to play than some of the others. I like the coffers so you can save up your money to spend latter when you have the dreaded 7 coins to spend. The Tournament cards are fun just to see if you even can compete, much less win!

Nlcollicott 9 months ago

Dominion Base Game

You start out with 10 cards and build your deck from there. Every single game is different. I never get tired of Dominion. I highly recommend playing with the randomizer app instead of picking which card types you want to play with - it makes for a much better game.

Dancingcow7 9 months ago

Cincinnati Style

I love the Cincinatti style fries. I don't know if the chili is homemade, but it tastes like it is. And the fries are so crispy and delicious. I order the same thing almost every time we go.

Bdbfive 9 months ago

Wisconsin Style

This is an amazing place to bring your family. We shared great food and games with our granddaughters. Looking forward to doing this again.

Hadley 9 months ago


similar to Azul but def more to it! loved this game!


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